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Ramen: A Japanese National Pastime


Seigo Nishimura

Founder & Head Chef

Growing up in Hachioji City in Western Tokyo, food has always played an important role in my life. From elaborate New Year's Day feasts with my family to late-night Ramen shop hi-jinks with my friends, food facilitated communication and forged connections like nothing else could.


Although I trained at the Tokyo Sushi Academy and worked at a high-end, Michelin rated restaurant in New York's East Village serving a variety of Japanese delicacies, when I came to Columbus to settle down and open my own shop, I only had eyes for ramen. 


Especially In the Midwest, authentic ramen is hard to come by, so I really want share this unique cultural, culinary, and community-building tradition with the North Market. 


Pull up a bar stool, strike up a conversation, and let our Ramen transport you.

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